Acts of the Apostles

These lectures were delivered by Sr. Gertrude to the Women of Joy of St. Mark’s Catholic Church in the Spring of 2015. They are a commentary on the Acts of the Apostles, with a stress on the role of the Holy Spirit in the Early Church and how we can apply His work in our own lives.
1st Lecture (Acts 1:1-11) Ascension and Waiting for the Holy Spirit

2nd Lecture (Acts 1:12-2:13) Pentecost

3rd Lecture (Acts 2:14-4:4) Peter’s 1st Sermon, Early Christian Community, Cure of the Crippled Beggar

4th Lecture (Acts 4:5-5:11)  Peter and John before the Sanhedrin, Barnabas, Ananias and Sapphira

5th Lecture (Acts 5:12-6:15) Peter and John again before the Sanhedrin; imprisonment and escape. The Seven Deacons.

6th Lecture (Acts  7) Stephen’s speech before the Sanhedrin and his martyrdom

7th Lecture (Acts  8) Spread of Christianity; Simon Magus; Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch.

8th Lecture (Acts  9) Conversion of Paul; Paul preaches Jesus; Peter heals a paralytic and raises Tabitha.

9th Lecture (Acts 10:1-11:18) Peter’s vision of the sheet with unclean animals; Conversion of Cornelius

10th Lecture (Acts 11:19-12:24) Church in Antioch; James’ martyrdom; Peter’s 2nd escape from prison

11th Lecture (Acts 12:24-13:52) Paul & Barnabas on 1st Missionary Journey: confrontation with magician: Bar-Jesus; conversion of proconsul Sergius Paulus; impact of Jews and Gentiles in Pisidian Antioch  

12th Lecture (Acts 14) 2nd half of 1st Missionary Journey to Iconium, Lystra, Derbe. Great fruits but also persecutions.