Monasteries are often known for the products they sell. St. Benedict encourages “home industries” so that the monks remain as much as possible in the confines of the cloister. Since we need to supplement our income we decided to try and make trail bars … nutritional snacks that are gluten and sugar free. The low overhead but proficient peanut brittle enterprise of the monks at Subiaco Abbey gave us the impetus we needed to try and do something comparable. After experimenting with recipes all Spring, we are proud to present our first product: a delicious combination of almonds, peanuts, sesame and sunflower seeds, dates and honey–a perfect nutritional snack. Please see our website (created for us by Anthony Perlas),, or the ad on the page opposite. We are also developing a second recipe which substitutes pecans for peanuts. Stay tuned as other types of trail bars become available.

The name “Kiss of Peace” is inspired by our desire to spread the monastic value of peace in this world, and what better way than to remind everyone to pray for peace when they eat one of our tasty trail bars?  The purpose of the Kiss of Peace exchanged at Mass is to make an outward sign to our brothers and sisters that we are at peace in our hearts with everyone and therefore can proceed with a clean conscience to receive communion. In the Scriptures, Jesus tells us to make peace with our brother or sister before offering our gift at the altar (Mt 5:24), showing that heaven does not look kindly on our prayers if we insist on holding a grudge. Harmony and peace, therefore, are not options but necessary Christian values that the world so badly needs today.  Our Kiss of Peace Trail Bars are a friendly reminder of this Christian and monastic value.  To emphasize this, we encourage our customers to: “Share one with a friend as a sign of peace and friendship.” :  If you would like to receive more information on the trail bar, please take a moment and visit our website at:

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